Basco Apartments Belgrade | About us

Basco Apartments Belgrade is a family owned apartment rental company founded in Belgrade 2008. and it’s the first one doing this kind of apartments rental in Belgrade. Until this day, Basco is the leading agency in this kind of ministration. 

Why Basco Apartments Belgrade?

Our properties are officially categorized as the highest standard accommodation in Belgrade. That means that we are registering our guests. 

What Basco is well known for, is dedicated relationship with our clients. Our central aim is to provide the most adequate accommodation for our clients, designed by their wishes and needs, all in favor of their pleasant stay in Belgrade.

We are a passionate and trusted team, dedicated to providing the very highest levels of service to our clients.

Our clients

Our clients are diplomatic missions and embassies, international organizations and national and international companies which requirements are in accordance with high international standards and laws.

We have numerous foreign business clients which are able make payments on-line through credit card for their accommodation. Also, they receive an official invoice for the service we provide, unlike most of the listings which you may see on web.

Our mission

It is our mission to create a website you can trust on to easily find what you need. We want to be a reliable source to you in your personal quest for a home in Belgrade, Serbia. Because whether you have traveled the world a hundred times or you are going abroad for the first time, we all need a place where we feel relaxed and secure.

What Basco Apartments Belgrade is offering

We believe that a picture shows more than thousand words, so we recommend you to visit our page with all the listed apartments in Belgrade and find perfect accommodation for your Belgrade stay. Here are a few shortcuts:

Studio Apartments      One Bedroom Apartments     Two Bedroom Apartments     Three Bedroom Apartments     Belgrade Apartments with parking     Luxury Apartments Belgrade

Your Own Personal Service

If you’re not sure what kind of apartment you would like, or if you need any kind of advice while choosing the apartment, you can always contact us. Share with us any information that might help us with your request.

Experience & Commitment

Basco is a company developed enough to know how to completely provide you the best possible service and the most adequate accommodation, for few days or more, but at the same time small enough to dedicate you all the attention you deserve as the client.

Short or extended stay solutions

We offer short stay apartments for a few days or weeks or extended stays. Vacation Rentals from 2 nights to 1 month. Furnished Rentals from 1 month to indefinitely.

Why choose Basco Apartments Belgrade?

Belgrade officially categorized accommodation

We are of the few agencies in this niche which is operating legally in Belgrade and Serbia, familiar with the law and the legal procedures.

Get in touch with us

We are available 24/7. You can either chat with us or reach us on +381646476991 or through email: and all your questions will be answered in a very short notice.

Extra services

We can provide you with the airport shuttle to the apartment location, and friendly and professional staff will at all times be available to help you with any kind of doubts, and to advise you how you can make the best time in Belgrade.

For Business Travellers

Simply let us know your requirements and we will use our unrivaled knowledge of the market to source the best serviced apartment for your needs and negotiate the best rates.

Apartment offer

We have over 200 apartment units in our offer. Apartments of various sizes and capacity. Suitable for business, solo or group travelers. Our homelike apartments are modern, price worthy, equipped with kitchen and everything needed to stay for both shorter and longer periods.

The most popular locations in Belgrade

Apartment locations are carefully chosen in the most popular parts of Belgrade, such as: Skadarlija, Knez Mihailova street, Obilićev Venac, Strahinjića Bana street, Terazije, Dorćol, Vračar.