Belgrade Calling Festival 2016

Belgrade Calling Festival 2016

Belgrade calling festival 2016 – on Wednesday, 22nd of June, 2016 edition of Belgrade calling festival will be held! As a headliner for the first festival day, English soul star John Newman will perform!

John grew up in a small county in Yorkshire, with a brother and a mother, who introduced him to the sound of Motown and Stax record labels. Dance troupe Northern soul influenced John as well, which is noticeable in his music.

Even as a youngster he used to work everything alone – with the age of 14 we started playing guitar and learned how to record and produce, he even was a DJ. His growing up was marked by the lost of his two best friends in a car crush, which influenced his music: “The pain was so strong, I needed to find a way to deal with it. So, I was studying during the day, and at night I was crying and making songs”.

Belgrade Calling Festival 2016

After graduation in Leeds, John moves to London and forms a band. While he was working in a bar, he made friends with Piers Agget, the member of Rudimental, who later on become popular with the song „Feel The Love“ where John sings. After second hit song made together „Not Giving In“, Newman’s solo hit „Love Me Again“ follows, and after that an album “Tribute!” All this marks his career and puts him on the top places of world top lists.

Singles „Love Me Again“, „Losing Sleep“, „Out Of My Head“ , „Cheating“ and songs done together with Rudimental  „Not Giving In“ and „Feel The Love“ as well as “Blame” with Calvin Harris, all together have more than billion YouTube Views.

John Newman will present his new album “Revolve” in Belgrade, released in the end of 2015. New album was made after John’s moving to L.A., where he was inspired in composing and writing. “Revolve” is all around new concept, new feeling and style – it’s courageous, unique and powerful, and brings the sounds of broken heart, love, freedom and excitement.

Tickets are possible to buy at all Eventim selling places, by the prices of:  1.990, 2.500 and 3.000 dinars.

Belgrade Calling Festival 2016 – Day 2

The second day of the Belgrade Calling Festival 2016, 23rd of June, belongs to Simply Red.

Reunited band, that sold 55 million of records in the past, celebrates 50 years of career by promoting new album “Big Love” on their amazingly popular tour!

Although they are headliners on the second day of Belgrade calling, Mick Hucknall and Simply Red won’t have festival performance, but whole night 2 hours concert where they will perform their greatest hits: “Stars”, “If You Don’t Know Me By Now”, “Something Got Me Started”, “Money’s Too Tight To Mention”, “The Right Thing”, “It’s Only Love” and “Fairground” are just some of the songs Simply Red will perform in Belgrade!

As special guests of the Belgrade Calling Festival 2016, Croatian singer Natali Dizdar will perform, as well as spectacular JINX, that will make sure that the atmosphere will be amazing in Tašmajdan stadium.

Tickets for the Simply Red can be found at all Eventim selling places as well, by the prices: 2.990,  3.990, 3.990 dinars.

Source: Eventim

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