Die Antwoord Belgrade

Die Antwoord Belgrade, June 2016

Die Antwoord Belgrade 11th of June – Die Antwoord, music rap rave sensation will perform on Saturday 11th of June in Ciglana club, old Belgrade brickyard, as a part of artistic colony “na Dev9t”.  The concert will be announcement and a warm-up party for this years Exit festival!

Die Antwoord Belgrade 11th of June – this extraordinary artists will present themselves to Belgrade audience on the top of their career, on a location that overwhelmingly reminds on their eccentric videos – in old brickyard!

Controversial line up from Capetown, formed in 2008. brings the mixture of street hip-hop, rap, rock and rave, influenced by the margins of modern society. Their uncompromising and authentic shows are a fusion of audio-visual art followed by the euphoric and almost distopian elements of modern society.

Die Antwoord’s lyrics are written in provocative, witty and sometimes morbid fashion, and it’s striking motives and messages are uniting music taste of different kinds of subcultures all over the world.

The famous threesome from South African Republic ghetto, has shaken the worldwide music scene with it’s provocative style and music. In Serbia, we already had the chance to watch them in 2010th Exit festival. This is the first time that Belgrade audience will have the opportunity to see them in their city, in the most famous stage of their career, after they ascended on world music top lists in 2014, with album “Donker Mag”.

Front-men, Ninja and Yo-Landi, experienced the great success recently, with the parts in a movie “Chappie”, from famous director Neill Blomkamp. Ninja and Yo-Landi are playing the roles of street gangsters, who by accident become the “parents” of hero robot with developed artificial intelligence.

Tickets are already on sale since 25th of April, and it’s current price is 2.480 dinars. On the concert day, the tickets will cost 2.990 dinars.

You can buy your tickets through Eventim Serbia selling network, and also order them from website.

It is important to notice that the entrance is forbidden under 16 years old.

Die Antwoord Belgrade – Important details

Date: 11th of June

Timing: 22.00h

Organizer: Exit festival

Venue: Ciglana Slanački put 26, Višnjička Banja, Belgrade, Serbia

Source: Eventim, B92net, Dan u Beogradu, Dev9t FacebookDev9t.

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