museum night belgrade 2016

Museum Night Belgrade 2016

Museum Night Belgrade 2016 – Night of the museum, manifestation that is organized in Serbia under sponsorship of EU, represents the unique cultural event, organized in more that 120 cities all around the world. In Belgrade, it is been organized since 2005.

This years edition of Night of the museum, will be organized at 113 locations in Serbia, and at 70 places only in Belgrade. During the night of 21st of May, museums, galleries, culture centers and other institutions will open their doors for visitors from 17.00 until one hour after midnight!

Complete program for the manifestation you can find at the official Night of the museum website, and here, we will present to you some of the most interesting recommendations!

Museum Night Belgrade 2016


Yugoslavian Cinematheque museum will present exhibition “Blonde angels of the movie screens”, dedicated to the famous movie blondes from Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly, to Milena Dravić and Beba Lončar!

In Art gallery on Andrićev Venac, you will have the opportunity to observe the files of one of the greatest 2oth century mysteries: the great agent, hero of world and Balkan wars, the seducer, Mustafa Golubić.

Legat of Petar  Lubarda prepared the work shop for the youngest named “Tapestry – from children to children”, where the kids age 6 to 12 will learn how to make tapestries inspired by Lubardas paintings. Tapestries can be bought by symbolic prices, and the money will be donated to children hospital in Tiršova.

If you’re a fan of Bach compositions or Pink Floyd, you should definitely visit the museum of science and techniques, where you can hear the musical crush of this titans!

Automobile lovers, can find their special place in Odbrana media center, where they will be hosted by the “master of cars and human souls”, Dragiša Krunić! Also, here will be screened old Yugoslavia movies, after Second World War, and this is perfect occasion to see them, because they don’t screen very often.

African art museum will show it’s visitors customs of Joruba people from Nigeria, tribe that provides the most number of twins on the world! For children, the museum will organize a musical work shop, and a concert of musicians from Jamaica.

Belgrade fortress will open the Stambol gates, where you’ll be able to see medieval weapons, clothes and tools exhibition, while the Big gunpowder warehouse will tell you an interesting story from 3rd century.

Serbian railway building will open its doors for the visitors for the first time, the grande place where many movies were recorded. With the exhibition “From the railway museum legacy” the museum will present the work od Mića Popović, Boža Ilić, Stana Kumar, Petar Lubarda and other serbian artists.

Interesting and undiscovered stories you will be able to find at the museum of the Veterinary faculty, Vespa museum, Doctors tower, Art gallery, Belgrade archdiocese, Institute of economy sciences, Institutes of Serbia community, etc.

Museum Night Belgrade 2016. – Tickets

Tickets for this years edition of Night of the museum are already available at the price of 400 dinars. On 21st of May, the price of the ticket will be 450 dinars.

Same as previous years, one ticket will provide one entrance for all locations in Belgrade. Children under 5, with the company of parents, are free of charge.

With the traditional support of Public transport directions, the Night of the museum ticked will be valid as a daily ticket for all city lines, in period between 16.00 and midnight.

Tickets can be bought on all Eventim selling points.

Source: RTS, Night of the museum, Mondo.

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